11 fashionable hairstyles for women in their sixties

It’s rightly said by the celebrity hairstylist Ted Gibson that “dresses, hair, and shoes have to be changed with your dynamic age number! This is called aging gracefully”.


Have you ever thought about what style will be the best for you in your sixties? You must have changed your wardrobe by this time, and your exercise routine or favorite footwear collection has been extensively updated, then why should your hairstyle remain the same as ever? Don’t you think that it has to be upgraded too to suit your mellowness and maturity?


Don’t worry; we understand how much style conscious you are! We have already chosen some of the best age-appropriate fashionable hairstyles, which are iconic and as gorgeous as you.

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Asymmetrical Pixie

White pixies with undercuts will look stylish always on mature ladies. This hairstyle suits especially busy dynamic ladies, and it is a no-demanding hairstyle that hardly needs regular attention. However, ask your hairstylist to get the cut done according to your facial shape. The most common choice is the long bang brushed to one side, and a temple undercut will be on the other side. Ask the stylist between wavy and choppy and straight as well as choppy, which will be the best on you!


Blunt Razor bob

It is just appropriate for a lady over her 50s, and it suits a lively confident soul. Of course, there are bangs, but it looks gorgeous on the faces that are smiling. It looks perfect for short hair and medium hair length so that if you ever opt for a party or bridal updo, you will not need hair extensions.


Feathered bangs with inward layers

At times, aging brings the problem of hair thinning too. So at your 60s, you may not need a hairstyle that matches well with the thick hairline. Instead, you may need a haircut that can conceal. The hairdo, feathered bangs with inward layers, is the perfect solution for this problem. The layers accentuate the volume, and the bangs add a lovely frame around your face. The feathered hair-ends flipped inwardly also add the impact of increased hair volume.


Short Layered Blonde Hairstyle

Do you love hassle-free, smart, short hairstyle for your thick hair volume? Cut your hair in a short layered blonde hairstyle. You will get to keep your layers wavy enough and feathered. It will boost hair texture and spontaneous movement of the hair strands. Perfect for short to medium hair, the hairstyle can boost the texture of your hair, which is an added advantage.


The Side-Swept Bob  

If you are fond of a side parting, don’t change the trend. It’s obvious, is your signature style. In these situations, you may go for the side-swept hairstyling and look good on your face if you have a heart, oval, or square face. The bob style will suit your hairdo. So, let’s merge side-swept and bob style, and that makes this hairstyle, which is chic and classy at the same time. Another advantage the side-swept bangs can slim down a face and works as an age-reversal haircut.

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The Shag Hairdo

If you love multiple layers, the shag hairdo is an ideal hairstyle option for you. Not only will the hairstyle balance your thick volume and reduce the problem of hair fall/split ends, but also it will create a youthful vibe in your look.


You will get to impose a slim look at the lower area of your face, and your hair look will be improved by all means.


The Meryl Streep Do

It is an impressive hairstyle that highly suits working women, who love to move with fashion. The voluminous mid parting and flicked-out end is so much flamboyant style to this bob style. The iconic celebrity actress Meryl Streep has made this hairstyle globally famous.


This hairstyle matches both thick and thin volumes of hair and perfect for oval, heart, and square-shaped faces.


Curly bob

A curly bob is an all-time favorite for ladies with a 60-age range. Not only is it easy to manage a style, but the hairstyle also makes your face slim and creates the impression of a large volume of your hair. If you maintain short bob as your general hairstyle, creating this curly bob look on your hair will be easy and fun! It is an elegant hairdo that goes well with the party vibes as well.


Short Top Long Sides

Looking for a chic and cute style in the 60s? No worry, you may opt for short top long sides. It is easy to manage, and you can manage both thin and thick volumes of hair. To add some more vibes, you can add neutral color in your hair; it will create a lovely shine for you.


Modern Short Rounded Bob

Layers and bangs are genuinely essential for stylish looks, and it goes with women of all ages if they opt for an elegant style. It can complement almost all types of face shape; however, for long faces, A-line bobs or asymmetrical bobs will serve a better purpose.

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Short Natural Hair Texture

Managing hair with effortless ease is one of the intentions of women who are matured by age and experience. Many of them look for a hairstyle that is sophisticated, stylish, and will work as a strong fashion statement for their hair management. The short natural hair texture is not a stylish bridal hairdo but is a versatile hair styling that goes with you in an all-purpose way. You don’t need much to use any styling product also to keep the style vibrant and lively.


These are 11 amazing but easy hairstyles for you if you are already between the age range of the 60s. All the hairstyles are cute and will help you to keep a positive vibe around you. However, it is good to discuss with a hairstylist to find the best hairstyle for you because the suitability of a hairstyle mainly differs from one person to another. All brides look beautiful, but bridal hairstyles, if you see, are not similar to one other. This rule of suitability applies to all these 11 unique hairstyles also narrated here.


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