5 Investment Tips For College Students & Graduates

Investing Advice for College Graduates - WSJ

Starting to invest at a very early age induces the habit of savings and disciplined investment. And this can start as early as during student life. Students generally receive a pocket money from their parents, or some are also into part time jobs. Generally, at this age the finances are taken care of by the guardian and they do not have any financial burden. Starting to invest at this age would later be helpful as this amount would have built into a good corpus by then. Here are a few tips for the students and graduates who wish to start investing.

Contrary to the belief that investment plans are only made by the those who earn, even college going students can invest and earn decent returns. Although most college students shy away from investment at this stage, it is a good way to earn high returns in the future. The below tips can help the young investors to park their excess pocket money or stipends to generate high returns.

Save your money: College students constantly feel that they always have access to cash, and they keep spending it. But it would be best if they can make effort in sparing a part of the cash that they spend. They can open a brokerage account and to invest in stocks or participate in intraday trading. You will not instantly reap benefits but will know how the stock market works and understand the market well.

Choose low-risk investment options: Young and aspiring investors can choose to invest in stock market but should seek help from some broker or a family member who is pro in stock markets. As stock market involves risk it is necessary to have a balance risk tolerance level. Investors can choose to start investing in low -risk investment where the chances of losing money is less and they can earn decent returns.

Know how To Calculate Your Risk Margins In Advance: It is always vital to calculate your risk margin and then make your investment plan. You can choose to invest in multiple investment avenues if you know your risks margins and the way you can balance out your risks and your returns. If you have a risk appetite knowing how to calculate your risks in advance is the key to successful investing.

Mutual Fund Investment Through SIP: Systematic Investment Plan is a way to invest in mutual fund that helps to eliminate risks. With SIP one can earn highest returns with lowest risk and investment. Any investor can choose to invest either weekly, monthly or quarterly basis. However, investing in mutual funds is a long-term investment plan.

Do not get carried away: markets are very unpredictable, and one should never get carried away with brief success. Stock markets are also addictive, and one should be wise while investing in stock markets. Same strategy would not work for all stocks and every time. Keeping patience and understanding the market should be the main aim rather than just investing the extra money.

If any college going student or graduates are trying to invest, they should do it with proper research and consider the risk that they may have to undergo while investing in the stock markets.





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