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With widespread gaming throughout the world, live gaming markets are overgrowing. People like to play them as they are more realistic and played physically. Among the youth, the craze of live games is highly observed. There are many gaming companies that offer the concept of an escape room. For a better experience, they provide rooms that are modified according to a certain theme.

Kids are very fond of cartoon characters, so animated themes are available for them. But the children are not that developed to know everything about the game, so their arrival is permitted with parents only. People have to be in that room for a particular and solve the puzzles with the hints provided by the game. People who want to play room escape and want some assistance in it can read the below information.

The thing you can take with you inside the room

  • When you are going in a live game of escape room, then you are not allowed to take many meals and beverages with you. It is obvious if there is a time limit of 30- 40 minutes to play the games, then they have to focus on the game only.
  • They will do a test of each person to verify the person is clean as a player who inebriate is not allowed to enter the room. So be sure and do not drink if you are going in any room escape.
  • Players can take their phones along with them. There is no need to submit them outside the room. Nevertheless, you are not allowed to record the themes and inner activities of the room. Taking photographs and shooting the interior design is restricted by the companies.

What steps are needed for rescheduling?

  1. After you have booked the room but suddenly something showed up, and you want or reschedule your booking. Then there is a procedure that you have to follow.
  2. You have to discuss the situation two days previous to your final schedule. Due to any reason, if you are unable to discuss the rescheduling, then you have to pay half of the payment for rescheduling.
  3. When you are rescheduling for your own reasons, then no returns are availed by the company.

What to do to exit during the gameplay

If you are not able to crack the code and are stuck at any place in the game, then you can exit right away. A button is available in the room; you can exit by pressing it. However, the room is constantly monitored by the staff members, so you can ask for another hint if one is not enough for you.

You can take help from them, and they will provide you with the best clues if you are playing with your group or any other team game. Then remember you are the one who is quitting the game, but the game of other people will still continue. So leaving the game in between is possible if you are not enjoying it.

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