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Want to employ fob access or card access systems? Card and fob access systems are a highly versatile access control alternative. They not only allow you to instantly grant or revoke access through a simple token system, eliminating the possibility of unauthorized access by untrained users. They also have the ability to offer access information in multiple forms such as numeric or alphanumeric access that makes it very difficult for an unauthorized user to defeat security measures. Finally, they are convenient for controlling access at a premises or location where access is controlled by physical or logical controls.

Key Fob Entry Systems

Key fob entry systems are an important component of many modern day facilities. These can be used to identify and count individuals and groups entering a building. It may also be employed to record the time of visitors, generate reports and track all purchases and transactions in stores. It is designed for use in public places and can also be adapted to business applications to allow access control. It is ideal for high-security areas like banks, hospitals, and businesses where high security needs to be maintained.

Digital Push-Button Entry Systems

Digital push-button entry systems are another popular type of fob access control system. These use a single integrated unit with push-button functionality including touch pad, push-button response, and fingerprint entry. Digital push-button entry systems require no manual entry as it operates through the use of a signature-recognition database accessed via the internet. It is also convenient because most devices communicate with one another using a standard low-cost wireless connection.

Automatic Door

Automatic door access control using fingerprint entry systems is another popular alternative to traditional fob entry. This technology enables door users to determine who is allowed entry to a building by scanning fingerprints. Fingerprint identification systems are commonly used in banks, hotels, airports, and other facilities where higher levels of security are required. These systems work on a system of digital key cards, which are printed on paper.

Electronic security key pads are another popular option for door access control systems. These offer a fast and convenient method to access buildings and identify authorized users. These systems may include electronic keypad readers or a single or dual zone access keypad. Dual-zone access keypads allow for a single user and multiple users at the same time. These can be controlled by touch screen or keypad.


Wireless Remote Access Control

The final type of fob access control is wireless remote access control. This type can be controlled by radio signals or serial numbers which are read by a handheld receiver. Some devices provide visual notification and acoustic signaling as well. This particular type of door access control systems security keypads can be used for indoor and outdoor locations.

Door access control systems using push-button entry and fingerprint identification systems have revolutionized the way that employees are allowed into restricted areas. These types of systems offer more secure protection for premises and personnel. For use with digital push-button entry systems and mobile access control systems offer convenience, efficiency, and ease of use. These devices are designed to open the doors at specified times and days.

Fob access is a great benefit to businesses and offices as it provides greater flexibility in determining who has access to individual offices and properties. This makes day-to-day operations run smoothly as authorized individuals enter and leave the building. Using mobile door access control services allows businesses to relax and worry less about the safety of employees and their homes while they are on the clock. These systems have become extremely popular, with businesses such as Target, Home Depot, Best Buy, and many more all opting for these types of security systems.


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