How to Feel Good about Yourself

How To Feel Good About Yourself - Michael Bonnell

 Thanks to the media we consume, we’ve become a society that values looks and appearances over anything else, which has led to a host of physical and mental health issues in many people. But real beauty comes from good health, and keeping your physical, mental, and emotional well-being balanced is a more promising path to happiness than buying clothes and shoes we can’t afford.


Of course, beauty looks different from person to person, but the secrets to looking and feeling your best are universal. Some of the things you can include keeping active, eating a balanced diet, getting enough sleep, and quitting any healthy habits you might have. Wellness also means regularly seeing a medical professional to keep tabs on your health, whether it’s a general practitioner or a weight-loss doctor.


We don’t get many chances in life, so we need to try to keep it as balanced and healthy as possible. There’s no point obsessing about how other people are thinner, taller, prettier, or do it better than you. We all do things differently, and how we treat our bodies will determine how we feel about ourselves.


Here are a few tips to help you feel good about yourself.


  1. Avoid overeating


If faced with a large pile of food, the usual impulse to eat everything until you simply can’t. That’s especially true in potluck dinners and buffet settings. With so many types of food to enjoy, are we even questioning why people stuff themselves? While food has been a source of comfort to many people, overeating is one of the top reasons why people gain weight and can lead to obesity.


People overeat for all sorts of reasons. Maybe they are bored, stressed, or feel overwhelmed. Or you stuff yourself because you don’t hate wasted food. Eating while distracted can also cause you to lose track of the amount of food you eat. You’re watching a film, and before you know it, you’ve finished a whole bowl of popcorn. Either way, the result is the same: lethargy, a bloated tummy, and feelings of shame.


Take your time to enjoy your food and stop once you feel full. And we’re not talking about bloated full. If you feel content, it’s a sign that you’ve had enough.


  1. Check the portion sizes


Unless you’re a master of self-control, it can be challenging to know when to stop. Whether it’s drinking on a night out or going to a barbecue party, the temptation to eat or drink too much is too difficult to resist. But if we learn to pace ourselves and control our portions, we can limit the amount of food and drink we consume and make sure we only get what we need.


Portion sizes differ from person to person and depend on a long list of factors such as health, age, weight, and sex. If you simply don’t know when to stop, try to use a smaller plate or bowl next time. You can also give yourself a hard limit when consuming alcohol. Only go for seconds if you don’t feel full. Make it a point to get a mix of greens, carbohydrates, and protein. Controlling portion sizes and following a balanced diet go hand in hand.


  1. Allow yourself to destress


Stress affects every part of our body, such as the amount of food we eat, the quality of our sleep, and our decision-making skills. It’s perfectly normal for us to sometimes feel overwhelmed or anxious, but if it happens more often than not, then it becomes a serious problem. Stress is caused by a long list of factors from politics or family issues to finances or health. But not all stress is bad. In certain cases, it could push us to do things we normally can’t.


Since stress affects both our mind and body, we need to constantly check on ourselves to ensure it doesn’t get out of control. If you feel anxious, irritable, or even sad, it might be a sign that you need to relax and destress. Find an outlet for your emotions.


These are just some things you can do to feel good about yourself. It’s not uncommon to feel guilt or shame after binging on food or drink, so it’s essential to do everything in moderation. It would help if you also allowed yourself to relax to keep stress from taking over your life.






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