Questions to Ask The housekeeper London Before Hiring

The cleaner is going to visit your house and spend considerable time inside the home, cleaning every object and the rooms. So don’t you think that a little interview is necessary before hiring the cleaner? You might be wondering what can you ask the cleaner when you don’t have much idea about their work procedure. Here are a couple of questions that you must ask to ensure the quality of the worker as well as the safety of the family. Otherwise, the small issues turn out to be more significant problems in the future.

Agreement about the rates

You will first show the entire house to housekeeper LondonThen you will tell the person what type of cleaning are you expecting. If you want to clean the floors, carpets, and ceilings, the rate will be a particular amount. But on the addition of more services like cleaning the windows, the drapes, the kitchen, and other areas, the price will keep on increasing proportionately. Always sign the agreement paper with the entire thing in writing and mentioning the amount to pay. Otherwise, sometimes, the cleaners can charge additional money which they have not told you beforehand.

Bonds and insurance

The cleaning job is all about taking a few risks too. While cleaning the chandelier, Cleaner London has to climb the steps of the ladder. By chance, if the cleaner trips and fall, the person may suffer from severe injuries too. Make sure that you won’t be liable for any such damages. The company who has hired the personnel should be responsible for paying the workers’ compensation in this case. You are not going to pay anything for the treatment. The agreement paper should also contain the strict instruction that in case of accidents within your premises, the cleaner will get compensation from the employer and not from the client.

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