Why images are important in PR and Mmarketing

With PR and Marketing focused on key messages delivered through written and spoken words, the power of images can sometimes be forgotten. We have all heard the saying “a picture is worth a thousand words” and this could not be more accurate.

The public relations experts at Adoni Media believe using visual imagery in communication strategies can strengthen any written and spoken word. Here’s why.

Faster and more memorable communications

Visual imagery is more likely to capture the attention of your audience on social media and through campaigns. You can make a faster mental and emotional impact too as images can be understood quicker than words.

It is clear

Words can get messy and if not used in the right way, can hinder the effectiveness of your message. Images and visuals are a great way to clearly display and communicate your messages either on their own or in conjunction with text.

Helps achieve consistency

Imagery has the potential to build your brand’s overall identity. You will be able to achieve consistency through using the same brand colours in any visuals you produce. This makes any of your company’s communication materials easily identifiable.

It is effective and popular

Whether your content includes images that accompany a blog post or a stand-alone image on social media, it will boost open and engagement rates. It’s no secret – people prefer content that includes images, videos, graphics and GIFs as they have the power to be emotional, influential and persuasive.

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