4 Messages to Send On Dating Apps

Technology has brought with itself new ways of dating and hooking up: through dating apps. You can connect with someone, solely for the purpose of dating and flirt your way to an exciting date and some lay as well. Not bad, huh?

Hold your horses first, there are some etiquettes when it comes to dating as well, right? No need to rush into anything and end up having a weird encounter, probably a case of harassment as well.

Proceed gently, it may be tedious but it will be worth in the end, when you have your date in your arms. Start by sending some cute yet flirty messages, which show that you are interested in connecting with them and would like things to move further.

Here are some of the 4 messages to send on dating apps:

  1. Thanks for subscribing to Random Conspiracy Theories Memes, you will get a meme or two every day.

You can start by being funny as humour is one of the best ways to build a connection with someone.

  1. In case, you wanted to see a cute face (send the message along with a selfie).

If you want to be really flirty, you can go ahead and send a selfie along with the message too!

  1. So, which emoji will you use for putting next to my name in your contacts?

A little flirty but may get you an idea of how much the other one is comfortable or not.

  1. Did you know? I can eat two Big Macs at once. Let’s go out and I’ll prove it to you!

Without being creepy or too straight-forward, you can ask the other one out and see if they’re into meeting you in person.

Not in the Mood to Tire Yourself with Dating Apps?

Chances are you that you are probably looking to get laid or want some company for a short period. In that case, you may not have the time or the energy to message someone and wait for them to give you the ultimate chance.

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