Evolution of Instagram and Instagram followers

We live in a digitally-driven world. Today, right from grocery shopping to flight booking, everything has become easy, thanks to the internet. The internet is mankind’s greatest invention and is being utilized pretty well. Millions of people are currently browsing about something as you read this article. The internet introduced us to online friends and social media. One such social media platform is Instagram.

What is Instagram?

Instagram is a Facebook-owned, photo and video sharing platform that has gained an immense amount of popularity in the last decade. Earlier, Instagram was just another application with photo editing filters and the feature of posting them to show your photos to the world. However, it has evolved, a lot. Now, you have the option to text your friends, run and promote your business, market your product, and many more.

The more the number of Instagram followers you have, the wider is the reach of your account and content; and if the reach is wider and better, your product or your content will popularise. Instagram is becoming a profession for many. Once you have a certain amount of Instagram followers following you, various brands and companies contact you to promote their products and help them grow.

Instagram initially was just a photo-editing and photo-sharing application. It was developed by Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger. It was first developed as an iOS-only application but since it gained so much popularity, it was later introduced to android as well. Instagram, today, is the fourth most downloaded application among all the categories. This success was seen as an opportunity to grow and Facebook did not waste much time thinking about it and acquired Instagram in 2012 for $1bn.

Instagram’s official account is currently the most followed account on the platform with 390M followers. Cristiano Ronaldo, the football star has the greatest number of Instagram followers (276M) followed by Ariana Grande, the singing sensation, with a whopping 231M Instagram follower count. Increasing your follower count has its advantages. Some of them being, wider reach, interaction with a lot of people, brand endorsements, paid partnerships, and more.

Instagram AI 

The people with a certain amount of Instagram followers also have to verify themselves and once it is done, Instagram puts a blue tick after their username. This helps people know that this is the original and authentic account of the celebrity and not just any fraudulent account. This is important as many people with fake profiles try to lure others into paying them or simply misuse the platform for wrongdoings. The security of Instagram has improved and the strong and powerful AI can now work pretty well in detecting fake, violence promoting, provocative, emergency-related, and medical-related posts. This helps the people in need and keeps away all the negativity from the platform.

Today, the internet can be used to spread awareness about anything and everything. It has become the most powerful tool to accelerate, promote, spread anything. The developers had never expected that a mere photo-sharing platform would in turn become a platform that would do so much for everyone.

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