The Cosplay Costume Making Process



Today’s culture and entertainment are becoming richer and richer, with cosplayers active in photo books, stage plays, mini-movies, and many other areas, and cosplay activities cannot be done without cosplay costumes.There are five main ways to obtain cosplay costumes: make them yourself, find a tailor, buy them online, borrow them from someone else, or buy them second-hand. Let me introduce the process of the first two methods.


  • The process of making your own cosplay costume.
  1. Plate making: the so-called plate making is to draw the prototype pattern of the clothes and decide the style and lines of the clothes. This is a crucial step. I recommend you to buy a book on patternmaking to learn it, but you can also ask the store to help you design the pattern, but the price is not cheap. Note that you should leave some space around the perimeter of the actual finished pattern for stitching. 
  2.  Cut the fabric: this step is very simple, just cut the required fabric according to the shape of the pattern.
  3. Design part of the complex pattern: the small accessories on the clothes are various, such as embroidery, buttonholes, etc. You can do it yourself, or you can find a way to make it. You can do it yourself, or ask the store to help you with the process.
  4. Sewing: join the cut cloths. 
  5. Ironing: to iron the cloth that has been joined, so that the cloth will not be deformed or stiff. 
  6. Try it on and modify it: after trying it on, remember to modify it if you find any problems.
  • Procedure for finding a tailor to make a cosplay costume.
  1. Find full-body pictures of the character, including front, back, and side pictures. 
  2. Analyze the structure of their costumes and simplify them as much as possible. .
  3. Talk to the seamstress and choose how you want to process the costume. There are generally two ways to do this, subcontracting or custom fabrication. Note: It is important to remember to specify the fabric to be used, while contract processing will increase the labor cost.
  4. Always try on the clothes you get, and communicate with the tailor immediately if you find any problems.

Be sure to give your correct size to the tailor when you get the garment. During the garment making process, you can ask the seamstress about the progress of the work or a physical rendering of the garment.


Whether you make your own or have a seamstress make your cosplay costume, the advantage is that they are individual enough, but the disadvantage is that they require a certain amount of expertise and hands-on skills, as well as a lot of time and effort. If you want to order an inexpensive cosplay costume directly from the website, then I recommend you to check out Crazecosplay, which is a quality product and supports multiple payment methods to enhance your shopping experience.


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