Things To Wear Apart From Custom Wedding Suit When There Is No Dress Code

When there is no dress code in a wedding, it may seem exciting but, believe it or not, this is where things become really tricky. The primary reason for this is that even if the bride and the groom allow you to wear anything you like a wedding will always remain a formal event, even if it takes palace in a garden, farm, a garden or at home. This means that you will need to wear a dress that will make you look appropriate and polished. And, if the wedding takes place in a hotel, a fancy church, a mansion, a banquet hall or even a country club, you must be more dressed up in a custom wedding suit

Follow the rule of thumb

If there is no dress code then you should follow the good rule of thumb. This is to stick to a cocktail attire. You cannot expect anything to go wrong when you are nicely dressed in a tailored and dark colored suit. This will also be a good investment because you can also wear it in other occasions and parties such as special dinners, and galas. You can try out a fashionable suit if the wedding is colorful and takes place in summer.

The vintage wedding

Nowadays, vintage weddings are more common. These are help in outside locations and even in a vineyard. Tweed in the best this if you want to dress well at such a wedding. This fabric will give that rustic look and create the perfect style that you want to have. You will even make a better style statement if you wear brown tweed combined with light blue. You will upgrade your look one notch higher if you wear a waistcoat or a blazer. It all depends on your choice and style.

The styling tips

Wear a three-piece suit as this is the most traditional wedding attire. This will make you look appropriate for the occasion. In a summer wedding when it is too hot, you may remove the jacket and be in the waistcoat, you will still look stunning. If you wear a bow tie, do not go for the clip-ons but tie it yourself. In summer, you can also wear sunglasses but make sure that it does not overpower your dress or look. Choose classic sunglasses in simple colors. Differentiate your outfit from the others with address that is properly tailored and comfortable so that you can dance all through the night!

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