Working at Home: Ways to Be Productive

How to work from home more effectively

Remote work is on the rise. Even companies who have operated with an office setup for years have started embracing a work-at-home design. If you are one of the millions who had to shift from an office setup to a temporary work-at-home arrangement, consider yourself lucky. Some are not as fortunate to have the convenience of continuing their work from the safety and comfort of their homes. 

However, a work-at-home setup is not without its own set of challenges. The boundaries between home and work lives are now blurred, making it difficult for some newbies to concentrate. This is significantly harder for parents with children who are also doing online classes from home. 

Here are some things that you can do for a more productive and enjoyable work-at-home setup.

  1. Have a designated working space.

One of the perks of a remote work setup is that you can work everywhere: from your couch, bed, patio, coffee shop, park, or garden. However, having a designated working space is good for your mind. Our mind works best in routines and patterns. Whenever you sit at your designated working desk, you tell your mind to gear up for some serious work. 

Ideally, it would help if you had a separate laptop for your work and another for your personal use. You can play your online games on your gaming PC, and you can do your work on a separate desktop. However, if this is not possible, you can create different user accounts for work and personal use.

  1. Set a regular schedule.

When you were working in an office, you followed a schedule. Follow the same plan, and stick to it. Have clear boundaries for your work and your life to have a healthy work-life balance. Avoid being glued in front of your laptop all day and all night long. You might need to extend your work hours at times, but be sure not to do it at the expense of your health and sanity. Log out on time and have time for yourself and your family.

  1. Have a morning routine.

When you were office-based, you had a morning routine that you follow. You woke up at 6, had a shower, had coffee and breakfast, then you drove or walked to work. This routine sets your mind to working mode. It prepares your mind for a day of corporate warfare, or how you perceive your work to be like. 

Now that you are working at home, having a routine before you start work can help. Have a shower, prepare breakfast, and have a cup of coffee. Now that you do not have to travel, you can spend the extra time doing some light chores, such as cleaning up your working desk. If you have kids, it might be preparing them for their online classes. Or it can be reading a book, the newspaper, or watching the morning news. Whether you start your work in the morning or evening, having a routine helps you get your groove on. 

  1. Eat properly and on schedule.

It is tempting sometimes to ditch lunch when your head is buried in deep work. Whether you are office-based or remote, it is vital to take care of your health and eat properly. Do not eat in front of your desk. Have a proper lunch with your family in the dining room. 

Taking those needed breaks can help boost your productivity. It will help prevent burnouts, which are very common for remote workers. The stress that you deal with when you work at home is different. At the office, you have few distractions to ruin your focus. At home, the interruptions are varied. From your children, spouse, deliveries, noisy neighbors, to your pets, the distractions are almost endless. The stress that comes with dealing with these distractions while trying to be productive can make you feel more tired than usual.

Taking a break can make you more productive. Take a one-hour break for your lunch, and a quick coffee break in between. It will help you recharge your batteries before you drain out.

  1. Sleep on time. 

Now that you do not need to drive to work, you might be tempted to stay up all night and binge on your streaming service. Now more than ever, you need to have a full night’s sleep. Sleep is an essential part of your health. Depriving yourself of sleep can affect your productivity, mood, and health. Having the right amount of sleep can make you happier and more efficient. 

There are other steps that you can take to be more productive with your current work setup. Some feel more pumped to work with some background music, while some feel energized while diffusing their favorite oils. Whatever you do, make sure to take care of yourself and your health first.




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