Why is it important to have your own GP?

There are many benefits of having a regular doctor who you see over a long period of time. Your health should be a priority and it’s important to have a dedicated GP who knows you personally to help you navigate any health concerns that may arise.

Our home doctor experts at House Call Doctor have listed a few reasons why it is important to have your own GP.

They know you

If you visit a regular GP, you will be able to develop a relationship with them. This will make you feel comfortable, allow more open communication and establish trust. A regular GP will know your medical history and will able to recall this information in future consultations.

They are called General Practitioners for a reason

GPs are generalists, which means they don’t just focus on one part of the body or particular diseases – they have a wide knowledge base. They have knowledge across mental and physical health issues and can effectively help you identify underlying causes of symptoms.

They coordinate care

If your condition requires involvement of other health professionals and specialists, a GP can give you a referral. Specialists rely on the information from a GP to communicate details of your medical history and any symptoms.

They can advise you on how to stay healthy

Prioritising your health is not just about treating and curing disease and illness, it is also about taking preventative measures and maintaining your health. GPs can advise you on a whole range of health issues, including:

  • Which immunisations you need
  • How to prevent and detect early cancers
  • How to reduce your risk of cardiovascular disease by maintaining a healthy lifestyle
  • How to prevent diabetes and osteoporosis.

They have knowledge of your local area

Some clinics and hospitals employ travelling doctors who won’t know your local area very well. A benefit of having a regular GP is that they usually live and work in the same community as you and will be able to provide you with recommendations of specialists and other services in your areas.

They can effectively manage chronic conditions

GPs can effectively manage chronic conditions such as diabetes, asthma and arthritis. They can also help manage mental health conditions through a care plan.

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